At My Health Gig, we understand that the key to quality patient care is a reliable and flexible workforce. We also understand that each unit has its unique staffing needs and challenges, and that a one size fits all approach to staffing will not work in today’s healthcare environment.

Our solutions are unique for each client and in some cases unique for each unit within the same facility. But the overarching goal for MHG is to leverage our candidate reach and technology to save our clients both time and money, by providing trusted healthcare professionals in a flexible and on-demand manner.

How It Works

Here’s how the MHG platform works:

  1. Access a high quality W-2 gig workforce – All of our clinicians are My Health Gig employees, eliminating the risk of worker misclassification and penalties for our clients. MHG goes through a rigorous hiring and onboarding process, and handles all workers compensation, overtime, sick time and all employment-related compliance and reporting requirements. You will have access to on-demand pre-credentialed clinicians that can immediately contribute to your facility’s needs.
  2. Staff in a flexible manner – Clinicians can be staffed on traditional shift-by-shift assignments, masterbooked for the upcoming week or month, or selected for local contracts to meet your intermediate needs. Within the platform, your clinical and staffing leaders will have visibility and access to candidates that are pre-booked or available for daily shifts, with the ability to cancel or re-confirm as needed. MHG’s staffing team will also provide availability by your facility’s preferred means of communication, whether phone, email, text or through the platform. We will work with you in a way that supplements your process, rather than disrupting your current staffing operations.
  3. Streamlined time approval process – Once a clinician has completed a shift, you will see their submitted timecard. You can accept or reject the time card within the system, or work with our administrative team to ensure hours are submitted for approval within your preferred process. Once a timecard has been accepted, nurses will get paid through MHG directly, so you don’t have to worry about payroll – leave that to us!
  4. Review and rate candidates – After each shift, your unit managers and staffing representatives will be able to rate candidates on the quality of their work, and quickly rebook candidates that are working well. This will allow you to prioritize clinicians that are the best fit for your facility, ensuring the best continuity of care and improved patient satisfaction.

Get in touch with us at 877-247-8847 or at [email protected] to schedule a demo or to discuss our staffing solutions.